Financial Peace University

• Cost: approx. $100 per household
Includes: Workbook, Envelope System, “Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide to Money” Book, Online Access to all Nine Lessons, EveryDollar Plus Budgeting Tool, and More Online Membership Resources.

• It is a 9-week commitment. (One class per week). 

• Classes are led by a volunteer group coordinator from Kimberly Christian Church. 


It is interest based
so find out about the next class by calling our church office:
(208) 423-5334

Did you know:

  • This isn't your typical "money class." Financial Peace University is practical, entertaining and fun!
  • More than 1.5 million families and individuals have taken FPU.
  • The average family completing the course pays off $5,300 and saves $2,700 in just 90 days.  That's an $8,000 change in position!
  • Whether you're struggling to make ends meet or you're a millionaire FPU has something for you.
  • FPU is based on more than 800 verses of Scripture and is a proven plan that will work for you.


   August 2019   
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