Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

Purpose. Passion. Produce                                                   

Our Vision:

Help people find PURPOSE in Jesus, develop a PASSION for Him and His call to discipleship, and teach them how to PRODUCE disciples.

Our Strategy:

Prayer:  We are committed to being a Church that prays for God’s guidance and leadership.  We want to seek His will in all matters. 

Discipleship:  We are committed to training believers in the Word of God and His ways.  We want to help believers, young and old, be the men and women God has created them to be.  Helping them reach out to the lost by becoming the hands and feet of Jesus.

Small Groups:  We are committed to helping people connect with others at KCC.  We want to help connect people into a “smaller family” that will be there and experience life with each other.  

Worship:  We are committed to providing a weekly service at KCC where people can come as they are and experience Jesus in a real way.  KCC is a place where regular attendees and visitors can connect and develop friendships with each other and God.

Fellowship:  We are committed to creating opportunities for the body of Christ to be a family.  Having fellowship is an essential part of the growth of the corporate Church and as individuals.  Fellowship enables accountability and encouragement.

Outreach:  We are committed to taking the Gospel to the lost.  We accomplish this through serving and loving people regardless of their faults.  We want to be a church that is unashamed of the Gospel and that boldly shares so others can experience the Grace of Jesus Christ.